Monday, 30 November 2015

Come Collect Your Culottes!

Hello All!

I don't know about in the States, but here in the UK there's a thing going on for culottes at the moment, and it's not something I can get on board with - not with my behind!! It's like there's a big arrow pointing to my worst bit!

But obviously that's a great excuse to refashion up all the hand-me-downs that are appearing in the charity shops; especially when they're made from beautiful fabric like this :) I'm still tinkering with ideas, styling-wise, as I don't really gravitate towards pink satin in the winter months... black tights? Grey jumper..? What colour boots? Yeah - I'll have to play around with my new skirt to find the best match..! (any ideas gratefully received, hint hint!)

But this was so super-duper easy to do, I'll probably be doing it again. And again. Cutting through the inner leg seam, pinning back together to create one tube (as opposed to two, for the legs) - and then sewing up. I think the main thing that makes this look handmade, not homemade, is the pressing part - especially with this thick fabric. If I hadn't pressed the seams carefully, I think it could have looked...bubbly... can't think of a better word! ;)

If you'd like to read about the whole process, come visit my blog :) In the meantime, keep your fab work coming - loving all the new inspiring additions!! x

Gema xxx

A New Bodice for a Very Sparkly Pageant Dress

My childhood bestfriend got the chance to be in a pageant this fall. She found the perfect, extremely sparkly, second hand formal gown.

There was just one issue, the bodice didn't fit right, and definitely showed signs of wear. So, I cut off the original bodice and sewed a new one for her, which she got to design.

She looked stunning, and did very well in her pageant! I really enjoyed getting to refashion this dress for her, and hope to get another chance sometime to sew a formal gown. They're such fun, pretty, projects! For a full account of how this dress went together, check out my blog, The Sewing Goatherd.


Sunday, 29 November 2015

Magical Boro Inspired Jean Jacket with Belt Closure - Paganoonoo Post

I really love the subtle color blocking.

This jacket was inspired by Japanese Boro clothing.  

I find the utilitarian nature of the garments appealing and the patchwork and repair process fascinating. I did not have garments that need extensive repair, but did have jeans in different stages of life.  

I ran across a white waffle robe with a Stanford University logo and thought it would be a good foundation for building a kimono jacket. 

I decided to use the jeans to build this Boro inspired jacket by piecing them together on top of the waffle robe. 

The thing that is amazing, even magical about this jacket is that it looks good on such a wide variety of people.  I wish I'd taken pictures of all of the men and women who have tried it on and it seemed to look just right on large, medium and small people of both sexes.  

The circle on the upper back is to hide an ugly a grease stain. 
I always try to turn a stain into a feature.
The rugged nature of the jacket called out for a complementary closure so I used part of a man's belt. 

Here is the inside front of the jacket.  The original waffle robe lining only extends part way down the sleeve.  This is so the bottom of the sleeve does not become too stiff and retains fluid movement. A pocket was added using an original jean back pocket.  The red stripe is bias tape used to finish off the join between the lining and jacket facing.
Here is the inside back.  You can see all of the sewing
attaching the pieces and quilting the sections.
 I'm on the lookout for another waffle robe.
Posted by Michelle Paganini, designer for Paganoonoo

A remake of something new created item number 2

I don't often buy new full price, but this was for a very special occasion, and it was inexpensive enough for me to buy 2. It was exactly the print I wanted but not in the style, so even when willing to buy RTW I can't usually find what I want! Visit here for how to create the new neck tie!

This refashion, created pieces for another refashion including collar, cuffs, front stands and bits of body. I had used most of the body pieces for the neck tie.

 I knew where I'd seen a good contrast print... on a sale rail!

I self drafted the 2nd top basing it on the Sewoverit vintage shirt dress and reused the leftover pieces from the 1st refashion. For details on how I hacked the pattern look on my blog!

Hello, I'm HoffiCoffi

Hello, this is my first time posting at the Refashion Co-op.  I have been blogging since 2010 and I live by the sea in Wales.  The name HoffiCoffi comes from the Welsh language phrase 'Rydw i'n hoffi coffi.'  Which simply means 'I like coffee.'  It may have been too long a title if I had included chocolate... cakes.... biscuits!

Anyway, I digress.  Today it is blowing a gale here in Wales so I wanted to show you something I made last summer - really just to cheer me up in this weather.

It is a rainbow dress made out of this duvet cover I purchased in a charity shop for £1.50.

I was convinced this duvet cover is a print of the opening sequence of one of my favourite childhood television shows, Rainbow, but a quick search on YouTube proved me wrong.  It is uncannily similar though.  

The front section contains the rainbow, whereas the back of duvet cover is all clouds and sky.

It did leave me with a dilemma though, I loved the rainbows, I loved the trees, but they couldn't all fit into a dress.  

Eventually, I opted for the rainbows and cut the fabric just above the tree line.  I had to do a very narrow hem to keep the length that I wanted.  The bodice of the dress is the Colette Peony and as you can see I messed up my fba a bit as there is pulling there. I have done tons of alterations with this bodice before so I'm not sure what went wrong!  The skirt is just the front and back section of the original duvet cover.

The back of the dress is made up entirely of the back of the duvet as the 'sky' was a little lighter on the back section.  I like how all the detail is in the front and how the back gives someone walking behind me a false sense of security that the person in front of them is not unhinged!!!

I have teamed the dress with a petticoat I made previously, together with the shoes I wore to my wedding eleven years ago.

I love my dress, and whilst wearing it outside it seemed to want to join its friends in the sky! 

Well that has cheered me up!  Thank you.