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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Reversible Kimono from 2-in-1 Dress

I was pretty excited when I found this dress at my local Goodwill. You may be wondering why, since it is obviously just a big shapeless sack on me. Well, let me tell you: 1. The larger size/longer length means more fabric, 2. It was actually 2(!) whole dresses (the outer tank dress and inner short sleeved one) sewn together at the shoulder seams, which means double fabric, and 3. It had a yellow tag, which just so happened to be that week's 50% off color. SOLD.

Since I had a lot of fabric, I thought this would be the perfect time to jump on the DIY kimono bandwagon (seriously, these things are all over the blogosphere right now). Although my sister (who was shopping with me that day) didn't care for them, I really liked the prints on both of the dresses. I played around with the idea of doing a contrast sleeve or back, but then decided to just make two kimonos. This quickly turned into sewing the two together to create a reversible kimono, and voilà!

You can check out my blog to read more about how I drafted the pieces and constructed the kimono, and also see more pictures. My favorite part of this project was the concept, and then after that it was a pretty rough road. Cutting/sewing the chiffon was a nightmare; it's one of those fabrics that I love to wear, but then I sit down to work with it and it frustrates me to no end. I also didn't have quite enough fabric to make the front pieces as long as I would have liked; it's a little disappointing to put time and effort into something that doesn't end up quite the way you wanted. Although it might not be my most favorite make, I do think it will be great to wear during these transitional fall days.

Now, I'm curious to know, which side do you like better? The one with the circle-y things, or the one that's just lines?

Friday, 24 October 2014

infinity scarf

I shopped everywhere for an infinity scarf in a pretty green and couldn't find one. Then I remembered a cute Summer top I put into my donate basket. It was a Plato's closet purchase I never wore. The tube top style bust just didn't work for me. Stop by and see my refashion tutorial   no sew infinity scarf

The Rest of the Skirt!

Hi, it's Skirt Fixation again!  Last week I promised to show you what I used the rest of the skirt for.  Remember that cute little elephant I made for my little boy?  Well, here's what his older sister received from that same skirt!
And another skirt except it was red.  And the dress I used for the lining.  This top is a pattern I was testing for Terri from Sew Straight and Gather, and it should be released soon!  Here is the post where you can find all the details.  (Have you entered the giveaway on our blog?  Only one more week!)

Part one: new color


I was inspired by some of the ladies at Refashion Co-op to dye some of my clothes. 
I started out with some thrift store finds: a grey ruffle shirt and brown/cream skirt that I almost never wore._MG_6026_MG_6013

After reading the instructions at the RIT dye studio , I let my machine do all the work.  When I pulled them out, it felt like opening up a present on Christmas day….what was I going to get from this little experiment?

I was thrilled to see that the ruffle shirt and ruffle skirt were a perfect match!  Hello new outfit!

I wore it to work and got loads of compliments. 

However, I’m considering sewing them together to make a dress.  The skirt is too big for me, so it moves around a bit and the shirt has three small holes under the ruffles that would disappear if I attach the two together.  The top is tee shirt material, but the skirt is lined cotton with a side zipper. 

I could eliminate the zipper when I resize it, but I’m wondering if I’ll be able to get the dress over my head and hips if I attach them, since the cotton doesn’t have much give. 

Any thoughts before I get going on part two of this refashion?   I attach shirts to skirts all the time for my little girls, but have never tried this for my own clothing.

Thanks for any thoughts you might share!
Amy Jo at The Little Moments

Fitted Fleece Jacket

Yesterday, my brand new, beautiful dress form arrived! Her name is Rosy, and it was love at first sight.

Meet Rosy

I was so excited to see her, I had to give her a test drive immediately. With Rosy's help, I turned an oversized fleece jacket into the perfect outer layer as the weather begins to chill.

And no more awkwardly pinning clothing inside out on my own body! Hooray!

Fleece Jacket - Before & After

Check out more details and pics at CarissaKnits!