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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Floral skirt

I found this skirt at the thrift shop. I think it was a strapless tunic, it had those clear straps for hanging in the closet. I did try to wear as a skirt as it, but it was a bit too loose and I had to keep adjusting it throughout the day to keep the elastic shirring from showing.

I tried to cut the elastic thread but made a small hole in the fabric. I decided to cut my loses and proceed with a different strategy. So, I cut off the top ruffled edge, hemmed under and inserted elastic. This took maybe 10 minutes. Now it will be more comfortable and easier to wear as a skirt. 

Friday, 31 July 2015

Bean Bag Chair Cover Up

I had this bean bag chair growing up and wanted to update the light blue dated denim print. I decided to make a duo-tone deep purple color instead. It is now much more stylish. 

I started with creating a pattern based on how the original cover looked and alternated sewing the deep purple and lighter purple panels together, then sewed in the two circles from the top and bottom.  Next, I added a large zipper down the side to easily get the bean bag chair in and out to be able to wash the cover. Creating the pattern myself I wasn't sure how it would turn out but it really worked quite well. 


Thursday, 30 July 2015

Green, floral, stripes, and geometric

I am also inspired by the Refashion Runway, and will attempt to sew along (I decided against applying for participating, since I wasn't sure if I would have enough time for it).
So: Floral and Geometric or Stripes.

I once refashioned this little dress (that had stilised flowers in a striped pattern). I liked the shape and look of it, but not the colour.

I dyed it with Dylon for washing machine, in the colour Amazon Green. Much better.
(And my camera really don't like green. The colour is shown better in the following photos).

But I wasn't finished. I wanted to go down the geometric route, that only one of the participants partly also had chosen.
I had this cool ribbon in my ribbon stash, that my grandmother gave me. It is supposedly from the 60s or 70s. I sewed it to the neckline, the sleeves and the overskæring (where the bodice and the skirt meet).

I like it better now.
And with a pair of leggins, a thin wool cardigan and laced boots it is just right for the cold, rainy, autumny summer weather, we have had lately.
 (And if you look closely at the fabric, you can still see the flowers).

The Dylon packet had enough dye for 600 g of fabric. So I found some more items of clothing that deserved a freshen up.
All the colours on the clothing are slightly more bright, over into fresh grass green, in real life, but my camera just wont have the green.

A boring floral skirt, now a much more interesting green.

A button up shirt with yellow stripes. Yellow just isn't my colour. But green is.

Long sleeve T-shirt. It is a cotton/polyester mix, and as it turned out, the whites stripes were the polyester - and polyester don't take to the dye.
So now I have a nice green longsleeve with white stripes. Cool.

Short sleeve button up shirt. I liked it, but black/white is too harsh on me. Now a more douche GREEN.

Green green green greeeeeen, oh how I love green :-).

Oversized-cardigan from mens sweater

Meine lieben Refashionistas,
da bin ich wieder, schön wieder da zu sein! I was moving to a different city and because of that there was no time for blogging.

But now I don't want to hold back my latest refashion. I simply transformed a mens sweater to an oversized cardigan. I hope you like it!

See the hole refashion on my blog on

CU there :)

Plus one (button).

I found this dress recently and to be honest I didn't hate it as-is, but I knew it could be even better. It had great material and a good basic shape already.
The main thing that I didn't like was the collar and neckline. This dress happened to have a spare button sewn onto the tag (YES!), so I decided to take off the collar and add a button at the top which created a jewel neckline. Then I changed the sleeves to cap sleeve, removed some weird sewn on ties (a bit hard to see in photos), tailored the bodice, and brought up the hemline.

Here she is:

Might be wearing this one everyday. 

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