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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Room for one more Maxi?

Hello Everyone!


I know what you are saying...Another maxi?? But I love them and there is always room for one more! They are so comfortable and flattering. Then let me be the one to say what we all really love about maxis...You can wear a dress without having to shave your legs!LOL!


Here is my latest maxi makeover:



It all started here. You know I can't pass up a border print! Say bye bye to this frumpy frock!


See the entire process here!

'Til next time!

Happy Refashioning...Love ya!

Vintage Silk fabric


I found some vintage silk fabric at an estate sale a while back for a couple dollars.  Gorgeous colors, funky print.  SILK!  Love it!  I’ve looked at it for years now, wondering what to use it for.  I wanted it to be used for something “really great”.  Unfortunately, I’m not a “great” sewer and I didn’t want to waste the fabric. I know silk is hard to work with.

This summer, I had a little talk with myself about experimenting and trying out ideas, even if it’s just a learning experience. I decided to cut into the vintage silk.  First, I made a little dress by adding the fabric to a tee shirt.  It turned out so, so cute!  Grace wore it to Watkins Glens State Park this past summer, and these are the only two pictures I can find.  Bummer.

The tiny dress made me happy, but there was still yards and yards left over.  I've contemplated the idea of covering furniture with fabric using mod podge glue for a while, and decided to give it a go.   It felt strange to paint glue all over silk fabric and after it dried it was very scratchy.   I sanded the fabric until it was smooth, then added a protective sealant.  Then I covered an old cork board with the same fabric and put both pieces in my daughter’s bedroom.

WP_20140829_10_02_42_ProI’m happy that I used the fabric in a few different ways, instead of leaving it in my stash for when I’m “good enough” to sew something amazing.  It’s so pretty!  And I still have a good sized hunk of the fabric left for other projects down the road.

Amy Jo at The Little Moments

Saturday, 20 September 2014

A no-sew white dress fix

I don;t look well in white and I have a bunch of dye from my mom that I would like to use up. I dyed this white dress navy blue using RIT dye, then took a little off the bottom. The results are truly a refashioner's dream- the lace didn't take leaving a wonderful mix of colors.
More info on my blog here.


Sewing Mojo

Do you ever lose your sewing mojo? Sometimes I'd just rather separate unwanted clothing into buttons, lining material and fabric (or just change my mind and re-charity shop it!And not bother with the noisy sewing machine! This was another no sew...
It started out as a skirt that made me look like a librarian but I love chiffony fabric. I just cut of the outer layer and used it as a scarf, fluted skirts are ideal for this as they drape nicely. Quickest refashion ever! I will use the other layer for a new skirt but it's best to wait for inspiration! Here is the finished skirt and a blouse made from a dress and scrap pvc.

Friday, 19 September 2014

A Refashion Necessity

Hello All,

Not much of a refashion here but it was still a big accomplishment for me in my current one footed state.  :-)

Happy Refashioning,

Cindy @ Upcycled Design Lab