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Saturday, 24 January 2015

My button print shirt dress!

Like most of my refashions, I mostly just made something smaller. I was really just excited that I can finally wear this adorable print.
It looks like polka dots. Here, I blew them up:
Wait until you see it with the belt; the button belt!
Yes, that's an actual waist cinching belt with a clasp that looks like a huge button. For a closer look, I extra-larged the pics on my post on my blog.
Thanks for looking at the millionth thrift store dress from my growing collection!

Hello! I'm New!

I'm so excited to become part of the Refashion Co-Op bloggers! I have a big sewing studio in my mom's basement and my creations evolve out of whatever catches my eye at the time. I'm afraid there is little planning most of the time. The above picture are some of my creations so you can see what I come up with.
Fairy lacy skirts are very popular. So I thought for my first post I would discuss my process. I always had such a hard time with the planning part. All these little pieces and snippets of lace, linens and just scraps of whatever I just couldn't through away. Here is my current pile....

I call it my Beautiful Mess. I needed a formula so I could make more of them for my shop. I finally figured it out. I took some basic muslin (you could use a white sheet or any material that won't show too much), and cut it in to three inch strips as long as you can find. I do sew some strips together. Then I just start laying down my snippets and sewing them down to the top of the strips. Everything gets smushed and bunched up along the way so it looks full. The length of your scraps will depend on the length you want for your skirt. When I have enough  of the muslin strip covered, I find a skirt base (usually white) and starting at the bottom. I wind the strip upward and around the skirt making sure the top layers overlap the bottom layers. You can go all the way to the top or leave some of the top of the skirt uncovered and do something more simple. Here is everything crammed into the sewing machine.
And here is the finished product. I just covered the top with a long strip of some really nice lace I had in my scrap pile.

Hope you enjoyed my first post. I'm just learning how things are done here, so be kind. I'll do my best to make things interesting! You are welcome to visit my blog at www.curiousorangecat.com. And again, thank you for allowing me to be here!

Paisley for Dayz + Introduction

Hello lovelies!

My name is Shawn and I'm a new refashionista contributor on the Refashion Co-op.  I'm an archaeology graduate student and I use refashioning clothing as a creative outlet/inexpensive way to expand my wardrobe.  I couldn't be more excited to join this awesome community! I've been refashioning for about six months since I found my handy-dandy sewing machine on on Craigslist for $10---goes to show you don't need a fancy machine to get a lot done!  As an opener I wanted to share one of my favorite refashions with you guys.  Enter this lovely dress I picked up at the local Salvation Army for $0.50 (I'm all about finding a good deal!).

I think my face shows just how crazy this thing felt.  It was a mock wrap dress so the top opened up, crossed my body and tied to the right to act as a closure.  Thankfully, it was a few sizes too big so I removed the wrap panel on the top, cut about 12 inches off the bottom, and used the extra fabric to make the top of the dress wide enough to make a one-sleeve silhouette. I closed the arm hole a few inches by cutting across the shoulder, taking out a few inches, and reattaching across the top seam. I also had to bring in the skirt so it would fit snug on my hips. Voila!

And a shot of the back! 

If you want a more detailed step-by-step you can check out my original post here!  Thank you for stopping by and I can't wait to continue sharing my refashions and checking out yours, too! 

Shawn Elizabeth

"Wholesome" Schoolgirl Dress: REHASHED

Hi everyone! Sorry I have been absent for so long... here is a refashion I did just before Christmas. I simply raised the hemline to make it more...flirty :) So there you go! What should I do with all that leftover plaid goodness??

For details on this and other vintage refashions, please visit  my blog at www.lovestreetsalvage.com or for more current updated follow me on Instagram @lovestreetsalvage!


And your little dog too!

This t-shirt became a dog cape for a cute little guy my sister was dogsitting! Easy Peasy :)
 Here he is modelling it on the front...
 And on the back too....