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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Fabric Swaps

Would anyone in UK be interested in a fabric/materials swap, clothes you want to see refashioned, etc?
uk postage is £2.80/ 3.80 2nd-class so I thought it would be a new challenge for the price of a pint!
For example I have florals, lightweight pleated fabric remnants and a dress pattern I didn't use:
location: berkshire england

Texas Summer/Fall Transition Tunic and Linen Pants

Texas has hot summer weather through most of the "fall". School starts next week. College/school district contract work, lunch, dinner with friends calls for summer/fall transition clothes. I need professional/casual, nicer than RanchHouse / FlowerShop wear.

Sleeve tab not needed.
Buttons needed color.
 This light-weight voile tunic
will handle still hot "fall" days.
I  don't like to roll cuffs,
so sleeve band/tab was removed.
Buttons needed color.

Waistband was bulky.
New mustard buttons.

White linen pants were left long for casual professional wear,
Bulk from multiple layers of waist band
and elastic were removed.

 Mustard buttons were added to pick up the mustard in the tunic.

Cool transition outfit.

NikolaLuigi Refashion

So I have made many many many refashions for myself, full of girly what nots, but this next refashion is for a bloke! Inspired by the fact my boyfriend has several pairs of chinos that he never wears, yet he has no shorts to take on holiday next month, I decided to mutilate a pair of his trousers for his own gain!

He wouldn't let me picture him for the 'after' shot, however you can see how I made these (plus more photos of the before shots) here.

Refashioning A Souvenir

Hello everyone !

Here is my latest refashion:  A streamlined hoodie.

I bought this hoodie to support a group of seniors at the school where I was teaching at the time.  Of course, a hoodie is usually not made for tiny females...  It hence looks bulky and mighty unflattering...  So I needed to streamline it to make it more feminine.

Here are the before and after pics:

You can see more pictures of the process on my blog: Sewliltime.

Peace !


Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Baby Shoes - no sew refashion

Here's another new thing for me. Although I've been refashioning for a while now, shoes were one of those things I had never tried to upcycle. I did it recently though. I used a pair of baby shoes that didn't look as new anymore, and have turned them into some trendy new ones for my baby boy. 
They looked like this:

and after some fabric ink and fabric marker, they looked like this:

And if you want to read more about this, please click HERE