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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

My favorite refashion EVER!

I'm going to show you my favorite refashion EVER!
Okay, so this sundress had potential, but a few problems!  One is the hole in the hem near the hand that is holding the skirt.  Another is the length.  When you are 6 feet tall like I am, often clothes end up looking too short!  And then there's the shape of the dress overall...makes me look pregnant.  Which I am not!  Good thing I love to refashion!!
Ahhhh, much better!  So why is this my favorite refashion?  First of all, it's a no-sew!  All I did was literally cut off the top and fix that little hole!  (Okay, so I sewed the hole, but you could find a similar sundress and do the same thing and it would be no-sew!!)  Second, it's loooooong enough for my looooong legs!  I wear it all the time.  
Now I want to know what is your favorite thing you've sewn so far in 2014.  And if you link it up to the sew-along on our blog, you have the chance to win fabric from Mapology!  Also, you really should come over to our blog this week to support Lauren, (one of our editors here on Refashion Coop) as she is a competitor this week in Mystery Fabric Swap Week!  Come on over to Skirt Fixation to see what it's all about!

Floral Blouse

This flowered, polyester skirt set me back a whole $1.50, and as you can see, I'm sucking some major gut to squeeze into it.

Floral Blouse - Before

I used my go-to tank top pattern as a jumping-off point. I raised the neckline a bit and added a Peter Pan collar. Strips of fabric from the scraps were used to bind the edges.

Floral Blouse - After

For more details on the process, come visit me at CarissaKnits!

Floral Blouse - Before & After

Monday, 28 July 2014

Floral Pants

Enough with the florals, already, right?! WRONG :) I love me some florals and have yet another new piece to add to my ever-growing floral wardrobe. I started off with these pants that I thrifted last month for $3.

Hop on over here to see how they went from "full-of-potential" to my FAVORITE PANTS EVER!!! ;)


10 minutes refashion

Some time ago I refashioned this dress, simply taking it in at the sides.
But the shirring/smock was too high up my chest, and it would often rise to above my bust, which looked silly.
When I refashioned this brown dress I finally found a solution to the problem
I simply turned the dress backwards and lowered the former back neckline to become a boat neck.

It took 10 minutes and the dress has a completely different look now. I like that it is very minimalistic, allowing me to accessorise it with basically anything.


A maxi to wear to a wedding

This weekend I went to a wedding, and I refashioned an old prom dress to wear.
Here is the dress before I worked my magic:

And here it is after:

For more on how I made this transformation happen, visit my blog here. Thanks for stopping by!