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Saturday, 2 May 2015

Lengthen her skirt

My 5 years girl was growing up like a weed during this year but only taller with the same circumstance. Many skirts of her need to be lengthen, including this jean skirt.

I've only sewn 3 layers of ruffle trims to the hem and re-attached the lace trim on top. It's as easy as that!

The skirt has an extra year of useful life, my girl still has her favorit skirt to wear. I call it a win-win solution. Yeah! For refashion.


Penya, an apprentice housewife

Springtime Blouse

I found this shirt for $1.00 but it was too big and I was not crazy for the ruffled peplum, but that didn't stop me from buying it. I thought the pattern was fun and had potential. Although the  refashioned version does not look too much different from the original, it took a lot of steps to achieve this refashion. I first removed the sleeves. Then, I  shortened the shirt by taking it in at the shoulders and at the  sides to fit.   I removed the peplum and finished the hem. Finally the sleeves were  reattached.  Because of the versatility of the shirt, this will be in heavy rotation this season : )

Friday, 1 May 2015

white shirt makeover

I got 2 white shirts some time ago - this is the first one to get the make over!  
 I used simplicity pattern 1364 and modified the darts, and put the buttons to the back -  and tried some shibori! the full post is at the blog www.upsew.com

Hoop Skirt

I really like the bright weave on this dress and wanted to salvage the fabric for something.

I cut off the bottom, added some pleats, and some poof.

Much more wearable! 

To see more, feel free to visit my blog!

Punked out Peasant Top

I found this standard black peasant style knit top. It was clearly designed with a very small busted woman in mind, because it covered so little of my chest that it was borderline obscene. :P

This picture really doesn't do justice to the neckline.
I thought that I would just flip the shirt around and have the front be the back, but that brought it's own problem. The now-back now showed the back of my bra. :(

Digging through my fabric stash today, I found the perfect fix.

Skull Lace!
With a little pinning help from my husband (I really, really need a dress form, but they're so expensive), I added a lace panel to the very low back of my shirt with red thread (because why not?). And now I have a much more interesting shirt. :)

New back!

New front.