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Thursday, 24 July 2014

No-Sew Lace Tank

Sometimes all you need is a pair of scissors to give a garment a completely different look. I took this bland lace tank top...

Polka Dot Lace Tank - Before

...carefully cut out the lining and built-in bra...

Polka Dot a Lace Tank - In Progress

...and now I have a cute tank that I can pair with a brightly-colored cami to make that lace really pop. Plus, without the built-in bra stiffening it, you can't really tell it's a bit big on me.

Polka Dot Lace Tank - AfterPolka Dot Lace Tank - After

Get more pics and details at CarissaKnits!

Polka Dot Lace Tank - Before & After

Is it too easy to be called a refashioning?

So, be honest - if all you're doing is cutting something in half, can that still be called a refashioning? I know, I'm falling into that trap of wanting it to be difficult, in order to feel good about it!

All-in-ones are NOT my thing. And I know I've said that before... I just find them very unflattering on my figure. But I was drawn to the lace detail on this garment... SEW!

I took the pants off, and made a top from it :)

If you'd like to see how it happened, or - even better - share what you might have done differently, then visit my blog! Hope you're experiencing the same wonderful summer as we are in London... (I'm crossing my fingers, and holding onto a wooden chair as I write this, for fear of giving it the kiss of death, and inviting in the rain...)

Bye for now!
Hugs x



Aloha Spirit Refashion - Muu'Muu to Woo'Woo

My MIL found this muu'muu at the thrift store.  
I love the fabric print.  It's so me.
Except that it is a tent!
I was determined to turn this frumpy muu'muu into something gorgeous, as the fabric deserves.
Here is the muu'muu on:

Plenty of fabric to work with.
I picked two of my favorite patterns to work with.  
One was an skirt pattern and for the bodice I used a dress pattern, but omitted the bottom half.
I pressed the muu'muu and laid out the skirt pieces first on the bottom of the muu'muu.

Then cut the pieces for the bodice that needed to be on the fold next.
Then the pieces that did not need to be cut on the fold with the remainder of the muu'muu.

Here is the finished product!

I am sooooo happy with how it came out.  I think it can go casual or dressy.  Well, beach dressy ;).  
For the bodice top, I just evened out the bottom with the serger and hemmed it. 
I added a zipper to the back of the bodice.  I used what I had on hand, so unfortunately the zipper doesn't unzip all the way.  I have to pull it over my head, so I inserted the zipper upside down, so it at least unzips to the widest part of my torso.  Luckily, it worked and pulls on and off easily.  
No wiggle worm needed.

I think my muu'muu went to Woo!Woo!!
I love the peek-a-boo midriff.  
I also love that I can wear these pieces separate or together.

Now I just need to know where the next Luau is.

Check out my blog for more info on this dress and which patterns I used to create it.

Mahalo and Aloha!!!

SHIRT REFASHION: Stripes and more stripes


I think I wore this shirt once or twice during my thinner days when the stretchy material flattered my figure. Instead of using the material for other projects, I decided to make the shirt slightly bigger using material from another shirt. The refashion was simple: open the two side seams and add material from second shirt. 


With a little fiddling here and there to make it look less like a maternity shirt, I love the new shirt refashion. The process was simple and not too time consuming. I'm happy I can return the shirt to my closet! Yay!


Come on over and visit my blog -- -- click here.

Jennifer Elliott

2 flowy blouses

I have 2 flowy blouses today for refashions.

The first one comes from a table runner (or whatever it was- it is still up for debate). I converted it to a tunic top by simply folding it in half, making a neck hole, and adding a quick line of sewing to make it form fitting. More information here.

Next I had a blouse that was too big and I decided to do a "quick fix" by adding buttonholes so I can take in the top at the waist with a belt. Done! More information here.