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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Recycling a Torn Blouse

Today I scored this cute (but torn) blouse from my local consignment shop.  The owner didn't want to donate or toss the item since it was ripped so she gave it to me for free!

I cut the body of the shirt below the waist and used the fabric to make a quick infinity scarf!

Today's refashion was the first installment of a seven day (I-need-inspiration-to-get-off-the-couch) refashion challenge!  If you want to join in (or check out the original post for this refashion) head on over to my blog and leave comments with your daily refashions!  Happy sewing!

Shawn Elizabeth

Friday, 27 February 2015

It's a Cinch 4 in 1 Skirt Refashion

Hi All,

I had this maxi skirt that I decided to play around with.  Believe it or not I used a ball point pen and a few other things to make these alterations.  More info here.

Happy Refashioning,
Cindy @ Upcycled Design Lab

Denim Bags

Hello. I thrifted the jacket hating the white bleach patches at the shoulder (no pic, but disjointed patches on dark denim are not pretty) I knew I  would use the fabric quickly as denim is so versatile. The jacket was the same price as blouses in charityshops which i started off refashioning as they were cheap, so was this but more fun.
-The straps on my previous casual bag snapped
-I wanted a cloth case for my phone which already has a flip case
Even better that they match! And I seem to have caught the denim bug as I made a utility bag (from a skirt I fatted out)


swatches and trousers to skirt.....

swatch skirt refashion upcycle
Hi, thanks you for letting me join your group, my name is Eimear, and I have been sewing and making since primary school (and before) and in the last year have been remaking …. a lot (after I bought 6 coats in 6 weeks for less than 6 euro each in charity shops and it went from there)

I am not too sure exactly what my intentions were with my project but I figured if I could document/blog it as I went along, it would figure itself out.  I also decided to aim to post a remake once a week to keep my focus and see where it went.  I was to tackle my small stash, or upcycle. (which was just as well as we had just bought and are living in an old house that needs loads of work so clothes shopping was out).  I also wanted to make these items really well, so as to give them further genuine years of wear, and I thought if I tried to use vintage patterns or make my own patters using vintage inspired looks, then it would make them look timeless and would not date.

This last month has been ‘swatch’ month and I am posting some skirts I made from skirts/trousers and a swatch.  I adapted a vogue pattern and I have yet to wear the skort, but have been wearing the black skirt and love it. I tend to take any remake item apart fully and re-cut as I can establish grain line effectively, and there is some black fabric from the trousers left over which will go on to another project. 

My blog is rudai-deanta.blogspot.ie if you want to see any of the other remakes.  

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Long skirt refashion.

Hi! I'm Cristina, an Italian seamstress with the passion for refashion!! 
I'm so glad to share with you my work and I hope you like it! 

This is my first refashion! From skirt to asymmetrical dress! 

This is the skirt before the refashion..

...And the asymmetrical dress!

For more photos this is my facebook page : Restyling & Refashion

Have a nice day!! :)