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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Scarf to shirt re-fash

Hi all,

I have an older refashion to share.  One that I have been wearing a lot recently since it has been so beautiful and hot in my neck of the woods.  This was made with an old scarf of my Nana's.  Original post is here .  Pretty self-explanatory.  Scarf + old tank.  And, I would recommend re-enforcing the seams if you are going to give it a whirl with a silk scarf, like I did.

Until next time,

Duvet into 2 dresses

I really loved the colors of this duvet when I saw it at the GoodWill and thought it would make a great dress!

Turns out, this twin size duvet made TWO dresses!  Yay me!

Directions are on my blog: HouseholdHowTo

My blog also includes a step by step tutorial on shirring.

Shirred top dress

Dress with a shirred back panel

Saved a Sewing Wadder!

I sewed up an independent sewing pattern but the v neck was so low on my bodice it looked silly (it has wide sleeves so looked 80s in a bad way) and was too tight. I kept it on the fabric pile over a night and picked it up the next day to change into a skirt. And actually i think a white skirt will be more wearable than a white dress as I can mix with denim or smart. It took me a while to sew the dress so i was glad to save it.The skirt has 7 panels plus 3 I added as a lining. I prefer to make clothes from scratch lately having felt limited with fabric. I have the option to refashion if it doesn't go well, it feels bad wasting fabric but  at least you're only making one garment instead of the 100's that shops churn out without guaranteed sale!
Blog renatalauraRF

1/2 Hour - Favorite Shirt Save

Hi All,

This was one of my favorite shirts but it got pretty stained on the armpits.  My solution cut off the sleeves and re-hem.  :-)

Cindy @ Upcycled Design Lab

Friday, 3 July 2015

Yoga pants to jumpsuit aka drab to fab

Hello there fellow refashionistas! I am really happy to share quite a discovery in the refashion sphere... I have found a way to transform a drab piece which is one of the most common thing we all hide in our closets and enjoy its comfort - I give you the yoga pants!

As you can see, these became somewhat saggy since I lost some weight, and wearing them required constant pulling up, which completely annulled the whole comfort thing. Between thinking where to add elastic to these, so they could stay up, a sudden revelation hit me - why wouldn't I transform them rather then fix them? Oh, humble yoga pants - I see you future as a jumpsuit! The hottest fashion item this season!

Some seam unpicking, restitching, cutting, a piece of scrap lace and I got myself a heavenly comfortable and fabulous piece for warm summer evenings. Dear ladies, I give you the used-to-be-yoga-pants jumpsuit:

I described the process HERE how I did it, but I wouldn't go as far to call it a tutorial. I hope this inspires you to turn some of your yoga pants in summer-friendly jumpsuits.

Happy refashioning!