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Saturday, 30 May 2015

With a Twist

I did a couple of straightforward alterations (strap shortening, shelf bra removal) on this dress, but the most profound improvement was the simplest. I just twisted the skirt a few inches, and I instantly had a better-fitting, way more interesting garment. Not really a refashion, I suppose, but I was so surprised at how much difference such a small and easy change can make that I just had to share it with you!



The alteration details and the obligatory backstory can be found on my blog, The Unfashionista!

Friday, 29 May 2015

The 2 Cut Men's Shirt Refashion

Cut off the collar just above the collar stand... cut off the cuffs just above the cuff. Done - roll the sleeves & tie the ends. Cool & comfy.

Go to my blog for a diagram.

Not a clothing refashion, but a SEWING refashion!!

This isn't exactly a clothing refashion, but thread is required often to make refashions. And since we sew a lot, we end up with lots of empty spools.
Which we save to make these:

From unflattering to much loved!

I bought this little top many years ago in the sales for very little money but never wore it. I liked the  color and quality is very good. The neckline was rather strange with something like a large buttonhole at the front and never felt comfortable. To make it more user friendly I removed the collar, cut out the neckline a bit more and cut the collar as interfacing. Now I wear it back to front and love it!  

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Shirt made bigger

I was walking home when a bag of clothes left out on the street for rubbish caught my eye.

Feeling only a little shame I started to rummage and took out a pink checked shirt by Uniqlo which looked barely worn.

The size was extra small so I was intending only to use the fabric, but once I'd washed it and tried it on I was amazed to find that the arms and shoulders were a perfect fit - so I decided to keep it as a wearable garment.

I couldn't fasten all the buttons so here comes an embarrassing poor quality before picture.

I was going to make it bigger by adding a panel down the centre back and as the length was generous, there was just enough fabric cut some off to use for such a panel.

Although I tried to match the stripes up as best as possible, it gets more rubbish towards the thinner top end.  I ended up using all the fabric I had available from the shortening, there was literally a tiny scrap left.

Finished shirt:

OK so this is never going to be a best shirt but it's turned out wearable enough, in fact this bag of clothes was sitting outside a restaurant and I couldn't resist wearing the refashioned version on my next trip there.  I suppose I was hoping the waitress would recognise it but I received no comments, apart from my husband who my mildly shocked to find I was wearing something found in a bin.

I learned from this refashion that a really good fitting sleeve goes right into the armpit so the shirt doesn't ride up when you lift your arms up.