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Saturday, 5 September 2015

#4 Boxers / Sleep Shorts / Sleep Panties from Worn Shirt

RanchHouse September Sewing Goal:*Mend, alter, refashion 10 Boxers or Sleep Shorts. This is #4.

Boxers or Sleep Shorts or Sleep Panties:
*Made from Pre-retirement stash that does not fit the Retirement lifestyle.
*Fit the need for more at-home lounge clothes. Retirement has some benefits!!!

Amerson Panties: In heavier cotton. Made for sleep
Before:  Old red shirt from the closet. Photo was lost.

After: Heavier weight cotton sleep panties to wear with t-shirts or night-gown.

Free Pattern. Amerson panties by Madylnne. Several people have cute Amersons posted on line.
In lighter weight they can be worn under loose clothing.
Go to the link to see how cute these can be.

*Old Red Shirt: Piece and cut Amersons.  My shirt fit me so the panties were tricky to cut and required some piecing.  
*Lace/ Elastic: Amersons pattern shows elastic on the outside. I used thin white on the inside.

What I Learned:  Even Amersons take a bit of fabric. Use larger garments for less piecing. The pattern is graded and the elastic also helps to control the sizing.
Be sure to read up on how to mark and space elastic prior to stitching.

Seams and edges serged.
Lace added, turned to inside and top-stitched.

Elastic stitched on the inside.


Refashion for the man in my life

Bought in Tamworth the short sleeved jeans shirt was never worn. After some TLC it is now much loved. For details visit my blog



Trim and Tidy

Howdy y'all fine ladies!

I bring before you a delightful little number that I am quite pleased with. This was Addie's first big job, not just as a draping area but as an actual indicator of fit!

Let's take a look:

Before: A nice little black linen shirt which was a) too big and b) a sad, shapeless sack (say that 5x fast). I like the front seams and the ties, and also that it can fit in at the office.

Standard 'flip inside out and pin'. Addie made this part SO much easier!!

More shapely already!

Er... A little too shapely. The line I am pointing at is the looser line that I ended up going with, once I discovered I had made the arms too tight.

It fit now but what to do... It was a little *too* plain. I didn't want to compete with the detailing, nor make it all crazy and ruin the ability to wear it to work. So I thought about it.... And this is what I came up with...

Tah dah! Want a closer look?

#30 on my machine embroiders these little star/snowflake/daisy shapes! I sewed them on the collar and side ties

It's cute, but isn't too much!

So there ya have it! It was fun to use a new machine setting. The only thing is that it uses a LOT of thread; I wound the fattest bobbin in the world for this and when I was done, only about 1/4 the bobbin was left! But my machine has some other 'artsy' stitches as well, so I'm excited to try this technique on other things :)

Happy 3 day weekend to the Labor Day peeps out there! Hope you can get some sewing in!


Friday, 4 September 2015

Handkerchief dress refashion

BEFORE- Forgot to take a pic, but the dress looked like this. Except it was ill fitting and badly made. I'm short and busty. So the torso portion gave extremely poor coverage, and the bottom was too long - kept dragging on the floor. Also, the dress was quite uneven - one side fell about six inches lower than the other side. All in all it was a cute design that was poorly executed and just not working on me.

AFTER - I took the beaded neckline off a camisole I never wore because it was otherwise a frumpy gray ill-fitting top. I cut the spaghetti straps and turned it into a halter. Then I cut off the torso part of the dress and shortened and hemmed the bottom. This left me with a skirt shape, which I attached to the beaded neckline. The front view, with or without a belt, is shown here. And it is a low back, although I'm not a contortionist so couldn't manage a selfie from that angle! LOL

It was easy. It's a cute style. I hope it inspires!

Can you refashion bras?

Did I just put my bra stash online? Yes, for the common good. Bras are expensive and most of us wouldn't think that you could refashion or alter them. I didn't either. So we buy new ones when size changes, or suffer the bad fit of the old ones. But you can alter them. And I' ll show you one way to do it.
Here are most of them, pre-altering.

My breast volume had increased. I found a solution: Sew in lace elastic along the upper edge to cover more and keep the contents in. The width of my cup size remained the same (that is paramount to be able to use this solution).

While I am at it: Go get measured in a dedicated underwear shop, that has a broad selection from the smallest to the largest sizes (because thos with a limited range will always measure you to a size that they have in the shop=).
90% of us use the wrong size (and you think that you are among the 10% not to, but go get checked). Well fitting bras is heaven.

Comment: They do look a bit wonky on my dress form, but they fit me well.

See the blogpost HERE for TUTORIAL

The same bra in black:

And also in pink. The black lace elastic looked a little "lonely", so I stiched lace elastic to the bottom edge too.

Here I stitched the lace elastic to the inside of the cup since this was a lace bra, and it would look best that was. I also sewed a little piece of lace on in the middle of the bra to make the lace follow the lines of the bra.

And I did the same on the same bra in black:

This one had a ruffle along he edge, so I also put the lace elastic on the inside of the cup.

Nude (well caucasian scandinavian nude) bra, that got a lace piece along the edge like the others.
To gather the two colours so the lace piece didn't look out of place, I put sateen bias tape on top of the bra wire casing.

Aside from it being too small like the others, the straps had disintegrated on this one. I added the lace elastic. And I removed the straps and replaced them with others from a thrift stop bra. But not just any straps: Removable and multifunctional. I have always wanted such a bra.

Here I have made it a halterneck bra.

I have one more bra project, but it deserves its own blogpost. Do look forward to see it tomorrow. Teaser: Two bras became one.